Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random highlights from break

So, I haven't updated the blog a lot recently. Not much more to add than that. There have been some things I should have posted earlier, but this will have to do.

This is really my last Christmas break. Take a moment, I'll wait. So, I'm heading to my last semester (then the bar exam, oh crap!!) and then to a real job. Not an intern, not a clerk. A lawyer. Kinda scary, I know. So, even though I've been sick for most of break and now on antibiotics, I took some time to enjoy the break. Here are some of the highlights, at least those that are family friendly and won't hurt any feelings (no mention of hats, hurricanes, red skin, sweat pants, I promise).

1. The above pictured jacket. Now, that, folks, is a jacket. It would have gone well with a dinosaur mask, but since roughly 3 people in America get that joke, I'll just move on.

2. In New Orleans, for New Year's, Trey and I, both wearing UT shirts, are in the elevator. There is nobody else in the elevator. A guy tried to get on from the 3rd floor. He's wearing an OU shirt. There's plenty of room in the elevator. He looks at us, checking in at a combined 12 feet plus, and 500 pounds plus, and announces to no one in particular. "I'll take the next one." Before I say anything negative, I'll just move on. I'll only add I'm surprised he didn't cheat his way into the national elevator championship or into winning the elevator trophy.

3. Di Di Mau. Ok, if you haven't seen this movie, it sounds promising. DeNiro, Walken, Fredo, Vietnam War era. Billed as a classic movie. In the IMDB top 250. As it turns out, other than this scene, the movie pretty much sucks. Sure, seeing Walken and Bobby DiNero getting slapped around is hilarious, especially by a guy whose name is Po Pau Pee. I'm serious, look that one up if you don't want to take my word for it. But, what did come from this movie is a new family tradition. Slapping somebody (not hard enough to really hurt) and shouting "di di mau." I'm already looking forward to next Thanksgiving. Consider yourself warned, Jay.

4. Camellia Grill. Yes, it's been open since May. Yes, I've been there since May. But, upon returning this break, it was a truly memorable occasion. One of the chefs, when he saw me, did a double take, told me he thought he saw a ghost, and came out from behind the counter. We exchanged one of those combination handshake hugs that are so popular these days. One of the other guys did the same thing. We all ate omelets as big as our faces, and good night, were they good. If I can steal a line from Trey, and I'm pretty sure I can, I'd like to meet the man who decided to put chili on an omelet. I'd like to meet that man and shake his hand/give him a hug. That man is a hero.

5. Winning two fantasy football leagues. That's really more of a highlight for me, but since this is my blog, I'm adding it to the list. I'm sure you'll be ok.

6. The British girl who showed up with Wesley Hunt at my birthday party. Ok, I'll admit it, it is ironic that I'm an anglophile, but man, anybody with a British accent is instantly the most interesting person in the room. But when they run their mouth (I almost said something that rhymed with "walk spit" [good thing I didn't, this is a family blog]), it's even more fun. I'll also admit hearing British people talk "encourages" (I'm fine with that word) me to use my British accent. Now, if you've ever met my dad, you'll know I come by my accent impersonation "skills" honestly. My British accent is not that strong. Let's leave it at that. But, nonetheless, I decided to try my accent. It wasn't that bad, despite what some might say. I figure if you yell it as loud as possible, nobody will be able to tell you how bad it is. Especially if it's your birthday. But, I'm rambling.

7. Youtube shenanigans. I love Youtube -- Broadcast yourself. Now, there are some funny videos that I won't put on here. This one is hilarious, not that offensive, and it passed our censors (it's only me, guys). Enjoy. Any linked video you may get to from there is not our fault (right Jennifer? We're good here? Solid legal ground?).

I hope everyone had a great 2008 and has a better 2009.


Trey said...

thanks for not mentioning hats.

gizmo said...

your dad has a great Australian accent as i recall.