Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Musings

Well, with Bar Bri in full effect, along with my fear of failing the bar, I've been pretty busy (and productive) studying. A lot of people have told me to take some time to relax (thanks, guys) and try to stick to a routine. Well, blogging is part of my routine. Even if the frequency of posts has slowed somewhat, I'll keep at it. With that in mind, I have some (some what disjointed) topics that don't really warrant an entire post but I felt like should be brought to your attention.

1. Major props to Bagel for hooking up the post-bar trip. Nearly three days in Vegas. Comped suite. Which, and this is truly remarkable, has 2 bathrooms and is nearly the size of my apartment. I'm truly looking forward to that trip. The first 7 and 7 is on me. Ok, well, I'll pay the tip on the free first round.

2. While this may not exactly be news, it must be mentioned. People, it's Houston. It's June. It's hot. This is not new. It's hot every summer. Hell, it's pretty hot in fall and spring, too. In fact, it's not exactly "cold" during winter, either. I realize talking about the weather is not as controversial as politics or religion and people do tend to talk about the weather. But let's not complain as though this is earth-shattering news. I even do this sometimes myself, and I always ask myself, why are you surprised?

3. Is there a funnier minor character in a show than Ted in "Scrubs"? He is an incredibly funny character. He is such a loser. But Ted consistently cracks me up.

4. One of my non-career but life in general goals, starting a BBQ team, is starting to gain some traction. Finally getting a real smoker was a good first step, and joining forces with competent and like-minded people was a second (that is not a shot at anybody else, so just relax). Come check out what we put together on July 4th.

5. The College World Series is a great display of why people love sports. I know this isn't a sports blog (thanks for the heads up, Gizmo) but sports are an important part of life in America. You can say what you want about me, but I'm not going to sit here and listen to people bad mouth The United State of America. Most of these kids, even at the height of college baseball, are not going to play professional baseball, let alone in the Major Leagues. But they play with heart and passion, and it's truly inspiring to see.

6. This is the 20th anniversary of the movie Major League. This is my favorite sports movie and is one of my favorite movies, period. Truly a hilarious movie. Bob Uecker ad libbed many of the lines in the movie. He also wrote a book named Catcher in the Wry. Perfect summer read for anyone, you know, not reading other crap all day long. I highly recommend it.

7. I'm surprised more people are tired of Michael Phelps that Roger Clemens and Mike Vick combined. Truly surprised.

I'd say more, but we can all agree 7 is a better number than 8. So, I'll leave it at that. Have a good rest of the week.


Trey said...

Well the question says what do you care least about, not what are you tired of. I think Favre would win if it were reversed. Mike Phelps smoked a little weed and we only care about him in 2012. But I gotta care about Favre due to my allegiance to the Packers and my hatred of the Vikings, who are also getting over on the Williams Wall thing.

Ted is amazing. I think my favorite is when the guys in the quartet state their jobs then sing the Six Million Dollar Man theme.

Seven will never be better than 8.

Jordy said...

Our soon-to-be overlords (the Chinese) believe that 7 is unlucky and 8 is the luckiest number around. If you piss them off, one is likely to jump out of your car trunk, naked and beat you with a crowbar.

Just sayin'