Monday, February 1, 2010

Movies that you like that I think are awful to disappointing

I don't mean that to be combative. I'm just saying that most people like the following movies and I just don't like them. Well, enough of this flim flam. Let's get to the list.

1. Super Bad. Maybe there was just too much hype. Maybe I should have seen it earlier. But I saw this on DVD (and yes, I have it on DVD) soon after it hit stores. I watched with Luke and Jay over Christmas break. They thought it was great. I was so disappointed.

I mean, there were some good lines. But for the most part, I thought it was just not funny. I didn't like Michael Cera's character, or the curly haired kid, or the nerd. Perhaps if I hadn't heard how great the movie was for a year before I saw it, Super Bad would have been funnier to me. But alas, I did and it was not.

2. District 9. When I first saw an ad for this movie, I thought it would be like Independence Day, only with better graphics. I mean, aliens, graphics, and Peter Jackson. And the result was...pure crap.

It's almost like somebody remade Jurassic Park, renamed it "Brian and the Clonoo-saurus" and it ended up being stupid. Plus some really subtle (and by that I mean as subtle as a sledgehammer) political themes about racism and Apartheid.

Now, of course, nobody is pro-Apartheid. And I'm not saying I am. But I don't want to watch a movie about aliens and be reminded of how terrible South Africa's record on human rights is. Call me old fashioned.

3. The Deer Hunter. On paper, a war move, De Niro, the guy who played Freddo and Christopher Walken sounds like a formula for success. And in the end, we're left with a slow, boring and stupid movie. There was only one good scene (di di mao) and most of the movie was about drinking beer. Anybody who says they like this movie and is under 45 should not be trusted to have good taste in movies. Even average taste is movies is out of the question for fans of this movie.

4. Departed. Now, this movie was good. But I thought it could have been an all-time great. Epic (hi Laura) caste, great story, good plot twist potential. All on paper though, unfortunately.

I thought Jack Nicholson mailed this one in. And it really killed the movie. He could have made this movie an all-time great like the Godfather or Godfather II by nailing the role of the head of the organized crime family.

But he was Colonel Jessup, the Joker and the author from As Good as it Gets. In other news, he was the same character he has been since 1989.

Next, it was a little (and by little I mean very) heavy handed. The rat at the end? Was that necessary, Marty? We're not morons, we understand what happened.

The killing at the end? A little too easily wrapped up. Damon killing Jack? Jack being a rat himself? Damon trying to screw over Leo's undercover character? Come on, we see this coming Marty.

In the end, this was a good movie. But it left too much on the table and could have been great or better. Too bad.

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I couldn't even finish the movie it was that bad. Seeing the dude's junk in the first few minutes didn't help anything either. This movie is similar to Super Bad. I just heard so many people say it was so good. Expectations were somewhat high and the movie was just...disappointing.

6. Step Brothers. Now, I like John C. what's his name and Will Farrell. And I like stupid comedy. But this movie was crap. Another movie I couldn't watch. I had to turn off the TV both times I tried to watch it. What was good about this movie? Farrell shouting? I've see him do that ten times before. It's no longer funny. I hope you're saving your money, buddy.


Mr. Watkins said...

I think you're being picky with The Departed. Other than that, it's just difference of opinions. Of course, I haven't seen Deer Hunter or Step Brothers. Lesson learned: never ask about any movies that you might be interested in watching. That's what I've pretty much been following.

gizmo said...

i don't feel strongly about any of these except stepbrothers - which was one of the worst movies i've ever seen. it has almost no redeeming qualities.

Colin said...

I think the running theme is that if you have high expectations in a movie then see it, you don't like it and you are bitter that it didn't live up to the hype. (I expect you have an example that disproves this)

A second theory is that you feel you gain more authority over other movie watchers if your opinion is outside the norm.

Where is Kazaam on your list? Also worst movie ever is Cabin Boy with Chris Elliot.

Jordy said...

Totally agree on The Deer Hunter. The wedding party scene lasted 45 minutes when it should be five, tops.

As for The Departed, I'm pretty sure the rat scene at the end is a taken from the orignal Hong Kong version 'Internal Affairs'. Basically, he was paying tribute to the movie he adapted not treating you like a mornon.

I actually liked Step Brothers. It reminded me of Dumb and Dumber but with more swearing.

Also, Cabin Boy should have won Chris Elliot an Oscar. Also, Lou Brown from Major League is in the movie.

Vik Vij said...

Colin, this isn't a list of bad movies. This is a list of movies I don't like that most people did.

Nobody but Jordy liked Cabin Boy. And Kazaam is just stupid. Based on the 10 minutes I saw, it's maybe worse than stupid.

As for your theories, I admit the first one is true. I'll come up with a list of counter-examples, however. Your second theory is, well, crap.

Jordy, you spelled "moron" wrong chief. I haven't seen the Hong Kong version, but I still feel disappointed by the American version. It had so much potential but left it on the table.

Gizmo, I'm on your side for Step Brothers. Just pure crap.

Anonymous said...

You forgot "The Hangover." Oh, I'm sorry, this is a list of movies you don't like, not a list of movies that actually suck.

Luke said...

i think jordy meant to say "mormon" not moron...

Rich said...

Vik, your list would be even better if it included the following: The Pirates of Caribbean series, Lord of the Rings series, Memento (I'll be waiting for someone to shoot me for that one), Star Wars series (that one too). I'm out on that note, like a visting ncaa basketball team after the refs help in winning a game on their biggest rivals' home court.