Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey look, another list!!

So, with YE Yang (who? [exactly]) going toe to toe with Tiger Woods and winning the PGA Championship, my brother and I flipped over to watch parts of the last round. We watched the last few holes, but this was not something we would tune in for regularly, or would plan to watch. It got me thinking of big time sporting events I would plan around and make sure I watch. Usually with BBQ and a cold drink. I'm not talking about the Super Bowl or anything like that. Everyone (who is not a communist (socialist might be term de jure with all thats being taken away these days, but that's a topic for another day [or post]) tunes in for the Super Bowl. And I'm not including any Longhorn games, or Texans games. If you read this blog (or [shameless plus for my other blog]) you know I'll be watching those games. Hell, I'm trying to plan a trip to India around the Red River Shoot Out. I'm talking about events like these conveniently listed below (in no particular order).

1. Opening Day for baseball season. It's when spring is here (even if its already been in the 90s in Houston for a while) and everything has a sense of optimism to it. Every year, on opening day, every team is in first place. It's also the sign of summer. Baseball on TV at nearly every hour. You're never bored during baseball season.

2. The first weekend of the NCAA tournament. You know you do brackets. Hell, you probably do brackets with me. I don't need to explain this one; we all know it's an awesome weekend.

3. The second day of the NFL draft. Sure, a lot of people watch the first round, or even the first day. But those of us who truly love the draft will watch the second day.

4. The Master's. Let's get get carried away with the history of discrimination at Augusta. I'm not relishing discrimination, nor am I celebrating it. But, with the azaleas in bloom and Amen Corner, the first major of the year is another sign of spring.

5. NBA All Star Saturday night. The dunk contest, the 3 point contest, and even the skills competition. I might be one of the last remaining NBA fans, but plenty of other people love this event as well.

What are some of the events you tune in for? As always, make your thoughts known in the comments.


Trey said...

i'm actually a pretty big fan of conference tourneys in college basketball. they're extremely competitive and at the end, you get your first crack at the bracket.

Stephen said...

I would also like to add the daytona 500, indy 500, kentucky derby, preakness, college softball and baseball world series as well as the little league world series

luke said...

Definitely the world series of poker.

Jordy said...

The Olympics and World Cup.

Global competition is always awesome (especially when you're the villian (USA)).

N.a.t.e said...

An "on paper" great boxing match. For example, Mayweather v Marquez in Sept.

Also, whenever Anderson Silva is fighting during a UFC event. That guy is ridiculous.

Colin said...

Nathan's hot dog eating contest