Sunday, August 16, 2009

My take on Mike Vick

Folks, just like the prodigal son, I have returned. I'm not going to continue with any House of Pain lyrics (if anyone even got that, that is) but I do plan on blogging more frequently now that the Texas Bar Exam is over and done with (knock on wood, fingers crossed, and all that stuff). Much like swimming in cold water, I'm going to dip just a toe in rather than jump in head first. But, don't fear, I'll be swimming soon, by which I mean I'll be blogging more frequently (happy, William Hayes?)

So, Mike Vick, former superstar quarterback, has returned to the NFL. This might come as a shock to some of you for a number of reasons, but I'm actually in favor of his return to the NFL. Granted, I was never nor am I now a fan of Mike Vick (he can't even spell his own last name, for crying out loud).

I think he was completed overrated. His lone playoff victory was against Brett Favre (I'm not even going to discuss this joker) and a depleted Packers team, so let's lay off the "he's the first guy to win a playoff game at Lambeau Field" nonsense. He is (was?) exceptionally fast and an incredible athlete. But an NFL quarterback, he was not. I think he could play a role on a team and be successful, but not as the starting QB.

Second, it's hard to stomach the details surrounding his dog fighting operation. Even if you're not in PETA, the details (which I will not go into here) are disturbing and chilling.

But, this is America. We give second chances in America. Some people even get third chances. (Marion Berry, I'm talking to you, "Your Honor") Mike Vick paid his debt to society. He has sounded contrite (and I'm sure those are his words and not the words of his publicist or agent or lawyer) and has done all the right things since his release. Why shouldn't he get a second chance? Other felons get second chances. Granted, it's not for millions of dollars, but they do get second chances.

A team with a strong owner, strong head coach, established quarterback and veteran team was the ideal place for Vick to land. Philly offers all of the above. He's on a one year contract, with a team option for 2010. If he screws up, he's done. He's getting a second chance, but it's really a last chance.

What do you think? Are you ok with Mike Vick playing in the NFL again? Does it make you sick to your stomach? Somewhere in between? (Please do NOT make this a racial issue, as some people are wont to do. In no way did I make this racial. No way at all. Keep it above the fray. Thank you. It's good to be back.)


Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan of Vi(c)k. But, I agree, a second chance is deserved.

Austin and Missy don't forgive him, though.

Trey said...

Along with Rick Pitino and Josh Hamilton, I am also glad Vick got signed.

Trey said...

And I'm glad you're blogging again, sport.

Andy Singh said...

Yeah Vick deserves a 2nd chance, but I doubt he'll make an impact. But more importantly, I'm happy to see that you are blogging again.

Wes said...

1) Thank you for not mentioning the coach of Packers for that play-off loss at Lambeau. I am sure we all know who it was and at what fine institution of higher learning he currently coaches at. You are a good guy Vik Vij. I don't care what "they" say about you.

2) This country is all-about second chances (We get five shots at the Texas Bar Exam for crying out loud! Not that I am counting) I don't know if he will be a factor on the field, but the potential of having Westbrook, McNabb, and Vick in the backfield will be a factor to every DCO's game plan.

N.a.t.e said...

I am glad to see Mike Vick back in the NFL because I enjoy watching him play the game of football (does that make me a fan, I guess so). It does not make me sick to my stomach, although when the details of what was done to those dogs are spoken of, I do get chills. I just imagine anyone doing such a thing to anything, whether it be a person or an animal.

I must say I disagree with you Vik and those that say Vick is not a starting QB in this league. If Trent Dilfer is (was) a starting QB, you dang sure better believe Vick is. If Tavaris Jackson/Sage Rosenfels is a starter, then Vick is a qualified. I could name several other QBs that I am sure Vick could start over, including the following:

Matt "Used to best 2nd String QB EVER" Schaub (I'm sure some of you disagree, but considering Schaub was VIck's back up in Atl and the fact that neither has done much since, Vick still wins out)

Daunte "Wish I still had Randy Moss" Culpepper

Chad "What an arm!" Pennington

Kerry "I think I played pretty well against Baltimore in that Super Bowl" Collins (Maybe a tie at this point depending on well Tennessee's O-line blocks this year)

Brady "I could be a model if this NFL thing doesn't work out" Quinn

Trent Edwards
Jason Campbell

Kellen Clemens (almost Who? exactly)

Jake "How many interceptions can I throw today" Delhomme

Jemarcus "Stop calling me Daunte Culpepper" Russell

Shaun Hill (Who? exactly)

Kyle Orton (yes, Bears' third string QB Kyle Orton who is now starting in Denver...I think we should all pray for those fans)

Mark "Man I regret that photo shoot on the beach" Sanchez

Luke McCown (who? exactly)

Vik Vij said...

Nate, especially at this point, I don't think Vick can be a starting QB on a good team. Does he have the physical ability? Yes. But he's never been an accurate QB. All super bowl winning QB's have had completion percentages over 60%, something Vick has never done. Nor can he be a caretaker QB, like Dilfer was. Dilfer was on a team that won a Super Bowl b/c of an insane defense, not because of anything he did.

Schaub was Vick's backup when Schaub first came into the year. Your hatred of the Texans is seeping through Nate. Anybody with any sense would see that Schaub is a better QB than Vick. Take off the hater glasses, Nate. Since his trade to the Texans, Schaub, when healthy (every time he's missed time, the hit that took him out drew a fine from the NFL) has put up great numbers and the team has gotten better. Vick served time in Leveanworth. Advantage, Schaub.

I think Edwards is a good QB. Pennington might not have the best arm, but he's a winner.

The rest of those guys are bums.

Luke said...