Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just so I can be like all the other members of the media (see how I subtly called myself part of the media?), I'd like to report that Brett Favre flew to Minnesota today to take a physical before signing a contract with the Vikings.

(Photo caption: Favre "deciding" whether to have steak or fish a Morton's last Tuesday)

Look, I think if Brett Favre wants to play football, he should play. If somebody will sign him, then by all means he should play. I don't think he's anywhere near what he was in his MVP days, but how could he be that good? Athletes aren't supposed to be better closer to 40 than 30. Ahem, paging Messers Bonds and Clemens. Please report to the front desk.

I just don't want to hear about it every time Brett Favre picks up a football, or gets on a plane, or eats pretzels. Just make a decision to play or retire. Then stick with it. Or don't. But I'm beyond caring. I think I'm to the stage of actively rooting against him, solely because I stopped caring whether he would play or retire, or say he would play or retire, 4 years ago.

I also understand the nature of the 24 hour news cycle. There's only so much to say in 24 hours. But is there any other sports topic more over reported and underwhelming that Brett Favre in the plast 4 years?


FUNG! said...


Dear Mr. Favre,

Please take your millions, and go away. Help some little kid, feed the homeless, or cure cancer. You retired and unretired at least 3 times, at least it feels that way. I'm so annoyed, I'd rather CNN report about Paris Hilton. Wait. I take that back.

Anyway, make up your mind. You're more indecisive than a 16 year old girl picking a prom dress.

Luke said...

"...I'm beyond caring. I think I'm to the stage of actively rooting against him..."

Welcome to my life, four years late.

Shaq said...

Did you see my new reality show "Shaq Vs." I am the greatest athlete in the world! Even though I am the greatest, I begged for handicaps throughout the show, lost at horse and lost the competition to Little Ben.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Nate said...

To answer your question, i don't know. I do know that the media will run any story into the ground and more, but i guarantee you, they would not do so if doing so did not generate ratings. People are keeping up obviously with what brett favre is doing. I only care about seeing exciting players play the game. That said, i am extremely happy Brett Favre is back in the league. I love watching him play the game and will attempt to be in front of the tube every time he touches the field. That said, I am of the mindset that whoever and whichever team I decide to sacrifice my time to watch, I'll be rooting for them. Why? Because more than likely, if I enjoy watching someone or some team play, then I want to see them play well. Generally if they play well, they will likely win, unless the other team plays better. I guess when one says they enjoy watching someone play and yet they are rooting against them, they want to see that person or team play well enough just to come up short.?