Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You know who really grinds my gears?

I said it at halftime of the first college game last Thursday night, but that song by Kenny Chesney is awful. Stewart Mandell of said so on Monday. ESPN, enough. Kenny, enough. That song "This is our moment" is already over-played and continues to be terrible. Now, I am a country music fan. Have been for a few years. But I'm not a Kenny Chesney fan. Never have been, and this song is not helping at all. Also, why does this guy never wear shirts with sleeves? I don't get it. I can see this song being played a few times each game that ESPN or ABC shows. Which is a lot of games. This could be a long season. I don't care if he is friends with Peyton Manning, Kenny Chesney sucks and brings nothing to the table.

Why do they even need musical introductions? Aren't real football fans going to watch games anyway? Would a casual fan really watch the Boise State vs. Oregon game at 11pm on a Thursday just because ESPN will show a 15 second clip of a sleeveless Kenny Chesney? I just don't get it.


William said...

Almost all country music sucks.

Chesney must GO!!!!

Peyton Manning said...

Hey Vik,

I really like Kenny Chesney. The things you said about him are hurtful and unnecessary, and I think you should apologize to him and his fans across the globe. Oh, and could you come open my can of soup for me? I can't seem to get this pop-top off.


Anonymous said...

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