Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Onion and worth sharing

NEW YORK—In an effort to clear up the confusion caused by terminology such as "unconsistentical" and "splosiverance," CBS producers made a formal request Monday that NFL Today commentator Shannon Sharpe use a minimum of three real words in each sentence.

"We tried to convey to Mr. Sharpe that peppering in a few words that actually exist will help viewers understand what he's talking about," executive producer Sean McManus said. "Providing fans with some context is key for Shannon.

It is much easier to comprehend what he means when he says, 'Andre Johnson needimentally must keep advantagizing opportunimals this week.'"

Sharpe has yet to make any intelligible comment on the situation

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Jordy said...

I can't watch any of the NFL pregame shows. Each has about 3 guys too many. And, they all have at least one joker who says idiotic things. Every time guys like Berman open their mouths, I have to change the channel.

But, the Onion is great. Sportspickle and The Brushback are similar but only 'cover' sports.