Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

2009 was a great year. I'm also sad to see it go.

I graduated from law school, passed the Texas Bar Exam and got a job with the Galveston County District Attorney's office. That's really all I could ask for in a year, but there was more.

Trey moved back to Houston and got out of the Army. He has a son, Michael (not named for Naaman although they have the same sense of direction).

Plenty of friends got married, including Abbie, Laura, and Jenn and Grant.

I bought a billionaire (Mark Cuban) a drink in New Orleans, I hugged a Rocket (Carl Landry) in Houston and I rang in the New Year with Yao Ming's parents.

I took trips to Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York and India. I also went on an amazing BBQ road trip across the great state of Texas.

With that being said, 2010 could be even better. I'm not sure how, but I'm confident it will be. Happy New Year everyone.

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FUNG! said...

when did you hug Carl? I'm jealous. Also, you're thwarting my plans of being a baby momma.