Sunday, February 22, 2009

Youtube Moment of the Week

Best song ever.

You ever hear somebody (Trey) humming a song and it gets stuck in your head? You know, walking around singing or whistling a song all day just because somebody (Trey) sang 3 words of the song? Well, the solution is to download it on iTunes on Ajay's iPhone and listen to it 10 times in one hour and then to put it on the jukebox at Kelvin Arm's twice in one hour. It is bonus points if the bartender turns up the volume and is singing along and random people start spontaneously dancing to the song. Extra bonus points if random people break out in keytar solos.

This song has also been seen here and here.


betsy said...

dear vik,
thank you for getting this song stuck in my head all day. it only stopped briefly when i passed this bar that smells like hangover (also like the boot) and they were playing that fallout boy song. but this one came back. it's great.


Shae said...

And here!