Monday, May 18, 2009

another tip on procrastination

This is another hilarious website with people's funny and awkward and even terrifying family photos. For all I can tell, it appears to be real photos. It's both funny and sad. This is not safe for work, unless your job allows walrus junk photos. You read that correctly. The comments are equally funny and from what I've read so far, not all that offensive. Of course, I also don't think Jeremy Hall is offensive while most of America does. So, there's that.


Jordy said...

That website is classic.

I've been also wasting time on,, and (the silky hen entry is hillarious)

Actually, you told me about failblog...nevermind.

Val said...

ok that website was hilarious! The family tree was my favorite.

Jordy said...

I learned that the guy who does Cleveland in Family Guy is this dude: