Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tips for Procrastinating

So, if you're like me, and are nearly done with law school (hold your applause, please, until everyone is done), studying with finals is getting more and more difficult. Breaks arrive more frequently and last longer. It's ok, as long as you are saving your effort for the upcoming bar exam. That's how I look at it, anyway.

Also, if you're looking to waste a little time at work or just in general, the Internet is a heckuva place to go. There are a number of websites that are tremendously helpful in "spending" time on "breaks." Of course, there is Facebook, Youtube, and the usual sites. But, there are a few new ones I'd like to pass along. If you've already heard of them, good for you. It's not a race. Anyway, on to the list. I'll be sure to mention which ones are safe for work and which ones are not.

1. This is NOT safe for work, but is hilarious. Basically, people send in their stupid text messages and those from their friends. Many of them are "crude" and "off color" but are pretty darn funny. Enjoy this one at home.

2. This is one not quite as new, but there is an iPhone app for it. FML, as people call it, allows people to send in their embarrassing, stupid and awkward moments. Again, some are fairly crude and gross and this is also NOT safe for work. But it is funny.

3. This is safe for work, as far as I was able to tell. This has photos, videos, etc. of people at their most embarrassing, painful and stupid. So, to answer your question, it is hilarious.

4. This is safe for work, also. It's essentially a huge site full of different quizzes in categories such as sports, politics, movies, etc. Each of the quizzes is timed and you can compete against your friends. You know, if you enjoy competing in every aspect of life. Especially trivial things on the Internet.

5. WebMD. As I'm writing this, I heard on TV that Yao Ming is out for the playoffs with a hair line fracture in his foot. I figured since he was genetically engineered in China he would not break down every year, but apparently things made in China don't last like they should. This is still somehow Tracy McGrady's fault.

If you have any other websites I or people like me need to know about, pass it along in the comments section.


Jordy said...

I read your blog to procrastinate.

Val said...

Thanks Vik for the website links. Now I can waste more time on the internet. Yay!