Friday, October 10, 2008

Brad Lidge: Happiness, Jealousy or Spite?

What to make of Brad Lidge? The Astros one time dynamite, Lights Out (hope I don't get sued for that potential trademark infringement) and also one time walking disaster, closer has been nothing short of dominant this season. Ole Brad went 41 for 41 in save situation this regular season, and has followed that incredible mark by closing out 4 games and counting this post season for the Phillies.

Leaving aside the garbage we got back in the trade from the Phillies (Mike Bourn couldn't hit water falling out of a boat), Lidge simply had to leave Houston. The ghost from that moon ball Pujols (my arse he's 29, but whatever...he's bald) still haunted Lidge in Houston. He had to go.

But anyway, I am conflicted when seeing Lidge's success, which borders on historic dominance (almost as good as Gagne is 2003, minus the juice and the needles in the buttocks [defamation? truth is my defense]).

Should I root for him? Should i hope he blows out his elbow? Should i hope for a frozen rope up the middle? I don't know.

On one hand, he was so good for us for 4 seasons, as both a set up man and a closer. He came up in our system, was a 1997 first round pick, was one of 7 pitchers in the Yankee Stadium no hitter, we never would have made the 2005 World Series without him. That home run Pujols hit didn't keep the 'stros from the series. we made the series the next game, so that mammoth shot (bringing back memories of Trey's tequila in Vegas) was in all honesty meaningless. He was a good guy, for all we know. He faced the media like a stand up guy. didn't beat his wife in the parking lot (you knew if i ever had a blog, I'd be taking shots at Lugo, you had to see that one coming)

Maaaaaaaaaaan, he killed that World Series. Scott freaking Podsednik? He hit a game winning homer? Really? Good night, that was terrible. Awful. Then the next year, 2006, he was hit or miss. Yanked from the closer role, back to being the closer, then back to the 7th inning. You could tell he wasn't the same. You could see he wasn't the same Lidge. Yeah, they played the same music when he came in, but you knew he wasn't Lights Out. (channeling my inner Hubie Brown and his personal war with the 2nd person).

Then he goes to Philly and has this kind of season? Part of me wants to cheer for him, part of me wants to see him fall on his face. He didn't have immediate success (happy, Bagel?), he had to fight through injury, and then he was good. and then so bad.

Bottom line
I think I have to cheer for him. the pros outweigh the cons, barely. I'm pulling for the guy. But if he fails, i just might smile.


J said...

So help me God, if you and the rest of your H-Town cronies put bad juju on Brad Lidge...

Lauren said...

I really have no comment on Brad Lidge. I love Brandon Backe. He's a rebel ;).
Nice blog. It's helping me make it through Criminal Procedure this morning.

FUNG! said...

You're covered under the "Fair Use" type doctrine under trademark law. Someone's gotta pay attention.

That being said, I'm just glad I know who Brad Lidge is.

Vik said...

Fung, there's always a job for you in our legal department. The pay may or may not be so hot right now, but you can bill these hours as pro bono to your firm, if you say you're protecting 1st Am. rights.

Trey said...

Cheer for Lidge, mos def. and what's this about me drinking tequila in Vegas?

Vik said...

Trey, do you NOT remember that shot in Vegas that was as big as your head???

Trey said...

yeah i think i remember that now... mirage, was it?