Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on Lidge: World Series Game 1

First of all, I'm pulling for the Rays. I not only hate Philly but I like the Rays. I have 3 Rays on my keeper team (BJ, Evan, and David "the Franchise" Price) and their modern-day, rags-to-riches, Cinderella story is an inspiration to us all. They're scary good. But anyway, on to the save from Game 1...

2 strike outs and a weak foul out to third through the heart of the Rays line up. Pena, whiff. Evan, whiff. Crawford, foul out.

I hate Lidge, officially. Lidge has a 99 mile an hour fastball, an 87 mile an hour slider, and 91moles visible on TV. Gross.


FUNG! said...

Don't make fun of skin cancer. It's not nice. (And God's punishment for sucking on the Astros.)

Shae said...

The Phillies will not win for the following reasons:
1. The Curse of William Penn. A statue of William Penn, stands atop City Hall. Some building commission had an unofficial rule in which they wouldn't allow any buildings in Center City (downtown Philadelphia) to exceed the height of William Penn's statue. In 1987, they somehow got permission to build the One Liberty Place building, and it exceeded the height of the tip of William Penn's hat. Since then, no Philadelphia professional sports team has won a championship; and
2. The Rays are going to win.
(Sorry, I spelled something wrong in the previous post and it annoyed me.)