Tuesday, October 7, 2008

first take: introduction

Well, sir, or madam, if the case may be, here we go. I figured it was time I got onto the ole blogosphere. thanks to tipper's husband, that bearded fellow, we can use this here Internet, or as some like to call it, a series of tubes, for communication, entertainment, and most importantly, a little levity and fun. let's face it, without some humor every once and again, life would be mundane.

Now, I'm not promising to tell you something you ha vent heard before. I'm not promising what I'm saying will be earth shattering, or, hell, even all that relevant (403 balancing test?). but what I'm setting out to do is to joke around a little, have some fun, and share some laughs.

first public service announcement of the week....(leave Juno alone!)

organic milk is FANTASTIC. Luke-George told me about Horizon organic milk. he told me it stays good for close to a month, and you don't end up throwing most of the half gallon away because it smells like expensive cheese. not only does this milk last, and for roughly the same price, but it actually tastes better than the regular milk those average Joe half gallons have been drinking since they were in short pants (that "joke" was for Trey). anyway, its pretty good. i always thought that the organic food craze was some sort of fad, much like some people thought the Internet was, but this milk is damned good. it doesn't go bad, and it tastes great. the litmus test will be for a Caucasian (Gary), but only time will tell.

finally, i will be stealing most of my "jokes" from other places, so if you recognize it or "get" it, awesome. but there is no need to tell me that you heard that somewhere else. of course you did, I'm not that creative. let's be honest.

so, leave some comments, make some friends, and have fun. thank you, and good night.


LegalBeagle said...

I agree as well, shallow and pedantic. Speaking for white bread America, organic milk is un-American. Of course, YOU would like it.. because you're a communist.

FUNG! said...

Organic milk rules! Also, try milk with Omega-3 fatty acids added (fish milk). It might keep your jokes original through improved cognitive function. (No promises.)

Will said...

What is all this flippity flab and skippity skillet? Reminder- every caucasian you have ever consumed at my house was made with good old Horizon organic milk. The smile on your face said it passed the test with flying colors (not a brown joke)!

J said...

I have been told that the miraculous staying-power of Organic milk is due to either:
a) the bits of hippie that are added during the processing in order to act as a perservative
or b) the fact that organic milk actually come from the teats of burned-out female love-children of Mama Cass and David Crosby (there are more than a few)

For a counterpoint to the opinionated brown man, please visit my opinionated white man blog at http://theintellectualvacuum.blogsport.com. Thank you.

Vik said...


that is J's blog. typo in his URL

Andy Singh said...

yeah man - organic milk is way better. Only problem is that my household goes through 3 gallons a week which gets expensive.

Also, your milk is lasting so long because its ultra pasteurized:


val said...

Yeah for organic milk! Get the word out! If you run out of "food topics" for your blog, I'll hook you up. :)