Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There's no need to be rude, lady

Ok, I understand the people who provide the security and man the metal detectors in the Criminal Justice Center aren't the smartest people in the world, but they do provide a service. While that service may seem like unnecessary hassle to most of us, they do keep guns and weapons out of the courtroom. However, the attitude they display on a daily basis is highly irritating and just rude.

You can't reach to get your phone and keys from the little bucket until it's completely off the belt. You can't keep it from crashing into the other buckets. Trying to hurry things up is like explaining Quantum Physics or Differential Equations to these people. (no, not "these people"). Even if the person in front of you whose bucket went through but had to walk through the metal detector again because he forgot he had keys in his pocket (this is a different matter, and I'll try to keep on track, but forgetting keys!!! come on, professor, it's not hard to remember keys) is not there to collect his pocket full of nickles, 3 lighters and a pack of Menthol Lights. So, if you are brazen enough to reach for your personal belongings before the 63 year old, 5'3 woman has a chance to provide security, she will snatch the bucket away from you and loudly scold, "You ain't supposed to take it from here." To which you will reply, "Oh, sorry, I was just trying to get my stuff." Then the "highly trained security" personnel will take the bucket and push it as far down the counter as possible. To which you can only laugh and reply, "I hope that made you feel better." All the while wishing it was socially acceptable to scream, "Enjoy the $5.50 you'll make this hour, a$$hole." Stupidity isn't a crime (yet), but it should be.


Shae said...

What about the nice, tall, black gentleman who greets everyone by the elevators? He always had a friendly "Good morning! How was your weekend?" or "It's almost Friday!"

You know, I never had a problem with these people. Maybe it's just you.

Jubei said...

When I'm Earth emperor, stupidity WILL be a crime.

The punishment:
Males: Kick to groin
Females: Titty twister