Thursday, April 30, 2009

I just have to say...

I just have to say that if T-Mac was still playing for the Rockets, there is no way that the Rockets would have won tonight or the series. He is gutless. And has no heart. He is a loser. I have a few more words that i could use to describe him, but they aren't family friendly so we can all just use our imaginations. We can all settle on "gelding" without ruffling any feathers. Anyway.

This team, without T-Mac, has heart. They beat a young, hungry, and scary good Portland team. The rest of the NBA better watch out, because the Blazers are going to be great, even if Greg Oden is HORRIBLE. Beyond bad. Just atrocious. He couldn't even dominate in the YMCA over 60 league. He can't even walk around without fouling.

Anyway, the Rockets play with heart and are easy to root for. Yao Ming quietly dominates, when the guards get him the ball. Scola and Landry have range, crash the boards, and play solid defense. Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowry are solid at the point. Wafer is instant offense off the bench. He will dunk on anyone, at any time. Chuck Hayes plays incredible defense. Deke was the man, even if he never played more than 5 minutes at a time. Battier is clutch from the corner and plays lock down defense. Crazy Pills Artest is a bull.

I think they have a decent shot at beating LA. Not a great shot. But it's possible. I would bet on the Rockets to win, if gambling on sports was legal (ie, not wire fraud) and somebody gave me decent odds. I'd say they have a better than 1 in 10 chance.

Bottom line, it's about time they got out of the first round and I'm glad they're not playing Utah. I can't stand the Jazz. I'm rambling. GO ROCKETS. BEAT LA. BEAT LA.


Trey said...

I LOVE these Rockets, man. They're such a great group of guys that plays as a TEAM. I really can't see how bringing T-Mac back would add anything to this team. L.A. doesn't have the bodies to throw at Yao that Portland did, so it could get interesting if we can slow down that Laker offense. I'm totally enjoying this and soaking it in right now, but looking forward to the second round!

N.a.t.e. said...

sorry vik, lakers in 5...maybe 4

Vik Vij said...

Nate, I think it's entirely possible the Lakers win in 5. I think it will go 6.

What I am saying, though, is that there is a chance the Rockets could win. Who can guard Yao?

Granted, the Rockets can only hope to slow down Kobe, but I think it's more likely Ron and Batt-man slow down Kobe than Bynum slows down the Minger.

Fathertime said...

yao can get his, but that won't be enough...never under estimate the heart of a champion, and the killer instinct kobe has...if the lakers go to houston up 2, kobe will make sure the lakers go home 3-1, and def try to close out the series, just like he did with utah...lakers in 5