Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Orleans

I was in New Orleans this weekend for a wedding. After the wedding (and a beat down at black jack by the lovely people at Harrah's) we (and by we I mean a lot of people from the wedding) went to Pat O'Brien's. We walked in and saw Mark Cuban, billionaire, standing in the corner. His Mavericks were in town to play the Hornets. I walked over to him, introduced myself and asked if I could buy him a drink. He said that he should buy me a drink, but I told him it would be my pleasure to buy the drink. So I bought the billionaire a Hurricane. He introduced himself to the people I was with and talked with all of us for about 15 minutes. He said he was meeting up with some people later. He gave us some insight into why he was unable to buy the Chicago Cubs (the other owners didn't want him to join, he says). I asked him to trade Dirk Nowitski to the Rockets for Carl Landry, but he didn't think that was a good move. As he left, he came over to us and said bye and remembered our names. Quite impressive.

In other news, the trip was a lot of fun. There are a number of jokes that are simply out of bounds for a family blog such as this. I'll leave it at that.


Jordy said...

That's awesome, Vik! It's not every day you have a drink with a billionaire.

On a personal note: I'd love to have Cuban as the owner of one of my teams. The dude cares about winning (even if he trades for Jason Kidd, dop!)

FUNG! said...

Mark Cuban is my sworn enemy. But this is a cool story, Vik. Seems like he was pretty affable, which is cool, and sounds like you had a good time.

Sarah said...

I hated Mark Cuban until I read this story. In fact, when the Mavs played the Rockets this year, I glared at him from across Toyota Center. No more! Sounds like a good guy.

p.s.- I love Carl Landry. Don't trade him away.

Wes said...

Did you tell he should have traded for Kobe when he said he would leave LA?

You at least mentioned the Ryan Parker song, right?

Fathertime said...

Did he offer you any stock market tips? I would love to have Mark Cuban as an owner, sometimes.

Shaq said...

Did you ask him about me?