Monday, March 16, 2009

BBQ Road Trip Day 4: The Top of the Mountain?

This afternoon, a truly glorious Texas spring day (makes you glad to be alive and a Texan) Wes, Leighton and I headed out to Lockhart, Texas to eat at Kreuz's Market. Just look at the sky. Beautiful. This place had been in operation since 1900. Without giving too much away from each of the reviews, we may have reached the top of the mountain. Simply amazing. Kreuz's does not have sauce or forks (they say it is at the end of your arm). They do have 2 kinds of sausage, brisket and ribs (although beef ribs are only available on the weekends). The beans were good. An interesting addition was the saltines. Finally, before we get to the reviews, it should be noted that the building is enormous. I mean enormous.

Leighton: Kruez's can be summed up in a single word: bold. They do not offer any BBQ sauce or forks for that matter. Now, I think BBQ sauce is an integral part of the experience, so to not offer any is quite a brazen move. However, this place met, and surpassed, all of my expectations. The jalapeno and cheese sausage was probably the best single item of BBQ I have had this whole trip. The brisket, both the lean and fatty, were excellent. Being Texan born and bred, I prefer the fatty, or full flavor, brisket, but I must say the lean was great here. The pork ribs and jalapeno beans were very tasty as well. As Vik eluded to, we might have found the pinnacle of BBQ places today. While other places may beat Kruez's on a single meat dish, Kruez's was strong on every single BBQ item. An all around incredible experience. Overall, I rank it a strong 9.5.

Wes: Everything was fantastic. The jalapeno and cheese sausage was phenomenal and was by far one of the best portions on the entire trip. Both briskets were exceptionally tasty and proved to serve the "snacker" well. I was not expecting this quality from such a large operation, but Kreuz's proved to be the best yet. Nothing is finer than an ice cold Shiner. 9.5

Vik: These fine gents spoke to a lot of what I was going to say, so I'll (try to at least) keep this short. Incredible. Both briskets were great. The sausages were great, the ribs were great, the beans were great, everything was great. It was the best BBQ I've ever eaten. 9.5 out of 10. I don't know what could have made it perfect, but this was as close as anything could have come.

I'd also like to add a short bit about the taco truck around the corner from Jon's place. Breakfast tacos are a dollar and are freshly made. Really good, and a nice bonus on the trip.

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Old Spice, I didn't expect to see a split infinitive AND a word choice error in one paragraph from you. Please try to keep your grammar like you keep your hair -- impeccable.