Friday, March 20, 2009

BBQ Road Trip Day 8: End of the Line

(Caption: This was the meal we all shared in the best BBQ place in Texas. Read on to find out where that was.)

The last day of the BBQ came way too quickly, but we were able to end on a high note. Luling, Texas is home to City Market, one of the top 5 places in Texas. Unlike Pappy's, this place did not disappoint. The food was served fresh out of the pits on butcher paper and without forks. The city market was packed when we left a little before noon. The brisket, ribs and sausage were all very good. While this place was not as good as Kreutz's in Lockhart, Texas but was miles ahead of Pappy's, which should really be called Crappy's. But I don't want to be negative (it could be a first for me). Overall, we all have City Market between a 7.5 (Wes and I) to an 8 (Leighton).

Our consensus for best places and also for best items for the trip follows:

1. Kreutz's took the top spot by having the best sausage (Prize! for best sausage) and a close second (oh so close) ribs and brisket. The lack of sauce was not a problem. In fact, sauce was not even needed. Crackers in addition to bread was a great addition (Prize! for best innovation). Lockhart, Texas is home to the best BBQ in Texas.

2. Snow's in Lexington, Texas was very good. The brisket and sauce combination was very good and this was the best brisket we had. This was the #1 spot coming in and was narrowly edged out. Eating BBQ at 9:15am because the food runs out soon thereafter was also an interesting experience. I only wish the sausage was better and the prices were a little more in line with some of the other places. Nonetheless, this was the best brisket (Prize!) and was truly great.

3. Louie Mueller's in Taylor, Texas was our first stop and was a great start to the trip. The rubs were heavy on pepper and I loved it. Best ribs (Prize!) and the best quirk (Prize! for Shiner in frosted mason jars).

4. City Market in Luling, Texas was also very close to third. Spots 3 and 4 could really be a 3A and 3B but I chose to do it this way. The beans were very good and was the best side (Prize) we had the whole trip.

5. TC's Ponderosa is the last in our top 5. The sausage was very good and came in 4 varieties. The brisket and sauce combination was also very good. This was a distant fifth, but not because of anything it did or didn't do. The other places, specifically the top 2, were just that good. TC's is noteworthy because they use propane instead of wood. The meat are still very tender but are missing the smoke flavor that mesquite, oak or pecan would have added. Still, a good BBQ place. If you're ever in Dickens, Texas, check it out. It's not hard to miss as there is nothing else in Dickens, Texas. This is good small town BBQ.


Trey said...

Good work, fellas. It takes ONIONS (sorry, I've been watching too much March Madness) to do what y'all did. I can't wait to try some of these places. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. You've earned it.

Paula said...

I loved reading the BBQ road trip recap!! see you in May at Laura's wedding!! xo Paula

Frink said...

Nice job, guys. I'm glad I got to join part of the trip, though I think I'm spoiled now. I ate at a random bbq place over the weekend and it just didn't measure up.