Monday, March 23, 2009

When Pat Green Jumped the Shark

(Photo caption: Pat Green, former Texas country singer)

No, he's not dead. He's just no longer a Texas singer, in my eyes. Pat Green is now a sell out, a Nashville pop singer, worthless. You choose. It's official: Pat Green jumped the shark.

I'll admit it, I was Pat Green fan. He was really good in concert, especially at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. He has a lot of good songs, including 3 days, Wave on Wave, Somewhere Between Texas and Mexico, Way Back Texas and Dixie Lullaby. Pat Green has some truly outstanding Texas Country music. It's not just because he sings about what makes Texas Texas. He had great songs that were mindless drivel.

But, recently, he has jumped the shark. I contend it began when he toured with huge sellout Kenny Chesney (as well as epic jackass) in 2006. Songs such as Let Me and Country Star are truly crap-tastic, especially Country Star. In that songs, it seems like he is making fun of d-bags and sell outs while becoming that same kind of d-bag and sell out himself. Now, the reason I like country is because of the stories in the songs. Reckless Kelly, Randy Rogers Band, Robert Earl Keen, Aaron Watson, etc. all sing true country songs. So do Willie Nelson, Pam Tillis, George Jones, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, among countless others.

Recently, Nashville music is all generic, mass produced, poppy, whiney and bad. Examples inlcude Tim McGraw, Dirks Bentley, Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley. Pat Green now belongs in the second group.
The man jumped the shark.

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jordy said...

I gave Country music an honest shot. I listened to the radio, downloaded a bunch of different singers, made a solid attempt at liking it.

But, I think it's shit. I really can't that much crap about it because my taste in music isn't one of the masses, but Country really does give me a headache every time I hear it.

Honestly, Vik, I didn't know you were much of a fan. Must be these new 'friends' of yours. I tell ya their a bad influence. Soon, you'll be wearing a cowboy hat riding a mechanical bull at some bar...damn.

jordy said...

Wow, I suck at English. "I really can't TALK that much crap because my taste...."

their is supposed to be 'they're'

and I missed a bunch of punctuation

I blame the cold I have...and the poor education.

Trey said...

vik started liking country when he moved to CT, which i always found weird/ironic. i, myself, only listen to Safety Dance on an endless loop.

Colin said...

I saw Pat Green at the Rodeo this year, and the beginning sucked since it was his new songs. It did get better once he was done with them. Brad Paisley is by far the worst at making crap in Nashville. He sings about geeks pretending to be cool on the internet. Is that country?

Jordy, good thing you can get free advil for your headaches.

Jordy said...

I wish we got free Advil. We get an 'employee discount', whatever that means.

We don't even manufacture it here, so I can't steal any off the assembly line.