Tuesday, March 3, 2009


(Disclaimer: Some people could argue I've had senior-itis since I was 13, but that's not the point here, folks.)

I'm in the last semester of my last year of law school. Spring Break starts next week (more on that later -- a running blog is likely in the works on a week long BBQ road trip across Texas). School is almost out for summer.

I'll be honest, in law school there have been times that have been tough. Other times have been a little less tough. There have been some good times and some bad times. (Enough with the Charles Dickens, you say? I get it. Sorry.) For the most part, you show up, go to class, shake some hands, talk to some people, eat lunch, go to another class, read a book and then go home. Overall, it hasn't been that bad. I've made some good friends and had some good laughs.

But, back to that last semester, last year thing. Senior-itis (and I'm pretty sure it needs to be hypenated) has definitely kicked in. I don't care when professors (read: Wheeler) hide the ball. I just want the black letter law so I can study for the exam. I shouldn't feel this way, but I don't even care about exams that much. My grades have stayed almost the exact same all of law school (except for consumer transaction of all things). The last 9 hours that will be graded aren't that important when you consider the other 81 in the bank. I also don't want to burn out before the bar exam (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). So, to cut a medium length story just a tiny bit shorter, I have senior-itis.

But there have been some strange examples recently. There was the guy who wet his pants in Pretrial last semester. I've already discussed that so I'll just move on.

But today I heard of another strange happening. I'll admit, I wasn't there. I was studying for the MPRE (which is really starting to grind my gears. Katy, I'm sure you agree) at home. Mostly. I also watched some TV and chached around. I won't lie. But I was told by a reliable source (Leighton, who is quite the gossiping Betty if I say so myself) that a student who I won't name (Michah Binum) volunteered to recite in First Amendment and somehow convinced the professor to allow him to make a demonstrative on the board. Now, and this has been confirmed by Nathan Wood (hi Nathan), Mr. Binum decided to draw a penis on the board. Yes, you read that correctly, a penis. I don't know why. Maybe he thought he could get everyone to laugh. Maybe he wanted to get tossed out of class (which happened).

Look, I never claimed to be a shining beacon of morality (actually I have, but indulge me) but there are just some stupid people out there. If you want to go get a drink or two with your friends, go ahead. But don't come to class so drunk you pass out and wet your pants. If you don't want to go to class, stay home. But don't draw a penis on the board to get kicked out. It's just dumb.

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Shae said...

Is he the guy who looks like that little guy off Lord of the Rings? I remember him trying to joke around with East one day in Secured. East wasn't having it, hilarity ensued.