Friday, March 20, 2009

BBQ Road Trip Day 7

We got back on the road again. (click the link, people) Thursday we headed to Pappy's in Monahan's, Texas. We drove about 4 hours from El Paso, Texas to eat at his place in a tiny Texas town. It was included in Texas Monthly's Top 50 BBQ places in Texas that inspired our trip. Pappy's should not have been included. I suppose something could be said for the three of us being spoiled on great BBQ over the past week, but Pappy's simply did not measure up. Besides the utter confusion by the geniuses behind the counter when we tried to order anything other than their BBQ plates, the experience was anything but funny. The brisket was not very tender, the ribs were only ok and the sausage was Eckridge Farm. The potato salad came from Sam's, as did the other sides. The (self-proclaimed) world famous apple dumplings were, in a word, crapola. Everything tasted store bought. It doesn't even get its own customized review. Wes gave this place a 4 and described it as "generic." Mountain man Leighton gave it a 3.5 and described it as "store-bought" while I gave it a 2.5 and described it as "disappointing."

The best part of the day was the long drive to San Antonio. At one point, we went nearly 90 miles without turning and saw only 3 other vehicles. San Antonio, when we got there, was a lot of fun and we ate some more good Mexican food, including puffy tacos.

We were all somewhat disappointed that the road trip was nearly over and had gone by so fast. It was truly a great escape from reality and a much needed diversion before the grind of finals and the bar exam.

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